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I love books (fantasy, mysteries, YA, historic, science fiction and non-fiction) and writing. Check out my Gravatar profile for more info, if you're interested.

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Free books

Recently, I’ve signed up for author newsletters. It’s a great way to get free ’real’ books, not just excerpts and they're usually much better than general ’freebie’ sites. Besides, I also enjoy reading about my fellow (more successful) writers’ lives. It’s a bit like downloading other freebies, except there are fewer DNF:s. I’ve even found a few favorites - among them, a series of mysteries about two really fun older twins (sixty-somethings). In a way, they remind me of the Stephanie Plum mysteries, without the sex. The only drawback is that many of these books only exist as e-books. If I really like a book, I want to buy it in print (preferably paperbacks). Oh, and I can never get any books in Swedish. It’s getting so hard to get books in my own language without buying them, without having read a preview or something. There’s been some trouble with borrowing e-books at the library. Some libraries never buy e-books at all. One that used to have so many, suddenly doesn’t. At least a few still have ebooks, fortunately. I’m hoping I’ll soon be writing reviews again.

OT: Shoes again

Today, we all went to Lidl. Well, I stayed outside with my son, who prefers to keep moving, but anyway, outside Lidl, in the parking lot, I saw a girl who was probably just a little taller than me and definitely skinnier (probably a teenager). She wore shoes that were about the same size as mine. Now, maybe she had exceptionally big feet but maybe some sneakers look that big. I now feel a lot more comfortable with my shoes than before. They are a little too big, but not really ridiculously so. I think I’ll keep them.

OT: Shoe problems

This is the sixth blog post I write but it's the first I'll actually post. Nothing happens so I don’t really have anything to say. Except to whine a little about my shoes. Recently I bought a pair of sneakers. Today was the second day I wore them. They’re a nice color and very comfortable, but when I was going to buy them, there was only one pair left. My size, but it also said on the site that they’re very big so it would be best to buy a size smaller than usual. Like I said, there was only one pair left so I ordered them anyway. Now I feel silly. I look like a clown in those big shoes. I’m not sure what to do. I should probably have picked another pair. But these were the ones I thought would be best. If there had only been a pair in a smaller size.

What should I do? Try to buy another pair? Or keep these and feel like a clown or Pippi Longstocking. What would you do?

OT: Getting a bit scared

This far into the crisis, and having listened to the grim news from Sweden, we've become more nervous and wary about being infected. My mom is quite old, even if she's very healthy. And my sister and I are a bit overweight and used to have high blood pressure after our pregnancies. Not anymore though. The last time I had my blood pressure checked it was as low as ever, before getting pregnant (and suffering from pregnancy toxicosis). I think maybe I had a touch of white coat hypertension, since testing at home, lying comfortably on a sofa doesn't show anything like as high results as they used to when I went to a clinic.

We try to keep our spirits up in different ways. My mom got a set of balls of yarn and a crochet needle, but she says she'd prefer to knit. I would too, but right now I'm doing other things. My sister and I have been exploring in Second Life and will now try to get our homepages/blogs up and running. Well, mostly we'll start over but even that will take a bit of work. New themes or not, for instance. And since I finally have access to my new/ish computer, I have started downloading free e-books. Unfortunately, my children have massacred my old Bookeen Cybook Odyssey. :/Even if anyone could find spare parts, this time it's beyond salvation. And we need to keep an eye on our expenses right now, so no Kobo (which is what I want this time) for me. My mom needs a new phone because - you guessed it - the children smashed her old one as well. Besides, it was a faulty phone to begin with.

At least ordering food online has worked out quite well. From one company. Another won't deliver in this city. Very odd since it's quite big. Another one just cancelled our order today, when they were due to deliver for the first time. Wrong address, they say. Ha. I wonder if it's because this used to be an ancient storage building where no one has ever lived? My sister has been in a chat with them and we'll see how that goes. We just found out that one of our favorite chocolates are sold by the company we get regular deliveries from. So naturally, we'll need to get some of that as well. Unfortunately, Denmark doesn't seem to have our very favorite brand available online. Typical. There's always something. But in the grand scheme of things, I guess that's nothing much to get worked up about. Just like our favorite beverage (if you can call flavored mineral water a beverage) is only sold in Sweden. It's completely delicious. Mineral water with real fruit or berries added. Our favorite is strawberry, closely followed by raspberry. I wonder if we could import it. There are other things we'd like to get as well, but maybe the tea shop delivers to other countries. I have developed a craving for Ahmad's strawberry and apple teas. And I found out that they have raspberry tea as well. At least Denmark sells my other favorite tea brand Pickwick. They have a delicious strawberry tea too. Can you tell that I love strawberries? :) There's also the kind of candy you take for a sore throat. We call them throat tablets. There are several different flavors but we prefer strawberry.

This must be getting boring so I guess I'll stop now. How are you hanging in there, my friends and followers?

OT: My glasses again

Apparently, the opticians aren't allowed to send prescriptions digitally or over the phone, but they can hand it over in paper form, to a relative or friend who walks into a physical shop. Remains to be seen if one is actually open. But we can definitely get help from relatives or friends. And it doesn't have to be my specific shop (?) but any in the chain. So we'll find out if they're open and ask one of the cousins to help us out. Also, we'll need to get the paper prescription to our shop here somehow, possibly by snail mail? Since they're not open. At least it seems to be possible to get this done. I really don't want to have to do an examination right now, even though I think I should probably do it later this year when things get back to normal. I think it's about time, but with moving and everything, I don't remember exactly when I last had one done.

Slightly OT: Games with stories

Though I have been lucky enough to get a number of books that I hope I'll review soon, I have also spent my time, whenever I've been able to, playing a number of games on my phone.


Two of them have what you might call a story (actually, a few more do, but they don't really work as actual stories anyway).


One of my favorites among them, right now, are Lily's Garden. You might call it a 'feel-good' story. It's about Lily who's worked as an accountant for nearly ten years, has just left her boyfriend, who wasn't good for her and returned home to her aunt's estate, where she herself grew up. The aunt has died and Lily's inherited everything. At least if she fixes the place up, according to the lawyer. There are many surprises and twists ahead.


I'm not really into games, but I waste time on them anyway. :) And this one is definitely one of my favorites.


It's free and the graphics are good, so it's quite a nice game to play when you can't read.


My other favorite is Riddleside. It's a bit like the X files, Fringe etc. This is free too, the graphics are great and the story is really thrilling. I keep wanting to return to it whenever the lives have regenerated.  Remember the first episode of the X files? Mulder and Scully have gone to the Pacific west to investigate a number of odd incidents. Riddleside is a lot like that place, I think. And mysteries abound.

OT: Unexpected reaction

Yesterday, several of my followers here gave me some great tips about how to occupy my kids. I downloaded everything and started playing them to my kids. They liked everything but when it came to the workout I got a slightly unexpected reaction. They wouldn't move an inch. Just sat there spellbound staring at the guy trying to encourage them to do the workout. LOL. I told my nieces and my daughter that they were supposed to do what he did. My daughter yelled no! and my nieces didn't dare to try. It's ok though. I guess the workout is mainly aimed at fat couch potato kids, and ours are skinny and extremely active (wherever they got that from...). Haha. At least they kept quiet and calm while they watched the clip.

Oh, no. :( More bad luck.

My glasses just broke. I don't know where to go with them to have them fixed here in a new place. Maybe my sister can glue them back together again, but if they look 'fixed' I'm not sure I'll like going out in them.

OT: Long, boring post

Being stuck inside most of the time, I've grown increasingly bored. Normally, I'd at least help tidy up, do the dishes and best of all (no irony) do the laundry. However, since the house isn't the least bit childproof, I have to stick to my son like a leech. Poor thing, he's probably tired of me by now. All I can do is, once in a while, keep an eye on what's going on online. The problem is, whatever is going on, it's not going on in my feeds and on my dashboards... :)

Under other circumstances, we’d be exploring our new neighborhood, but as it is, we can just go to the shops a few times a week. We try to go outside as little as possible. There’s a patio outside but it’s not very nice. You get the impression every neighbor can see us there. It’s also a bit bare. Everything’s very monochrome. Mainly grey with a bit of black here and there. When were at Lidl we were eying an orange tree longingly, but it’s quite expensive and right now, we need to keep an eye on our expenses. There were also violets or pansies in a big lilac pot. They were very pretty and not as expensive. We might get those later, we’ll see. I also want more indoor plants. I have a few I had to leave behind but at the moment, with the borders closed, we can’t get to them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they won’t die. My lovely Monstera Deliciosa that I got for my confirmation died a few years ago, but at least one of its 'children' was still alive when my sister was last back at the house. We might get something for the patio, to get more privacy and some chairs and a table so we sit outside some time in the evenings.

We absolutely need to get more toys for the children. They’re not even allowed to play in any playground so we haven’t even gone out looking for one.

No matter how inconvenient this is, I know there are others much worse off and we just need to think of them and be grateful we’re doing as well as we are.

I’ve already done a bit of exploring in Second Life, so now I’m probably going to look for a concert and try listening to some music.

We took the opportunity of reconnecting with a second cousin that I haven't met since we were both six. I sincerely hope he doesn't remember that occasion, because I wasn't very nice to him then. LOL. It seems not. He seems nice, but we don't have anything in common.

I also decided to try to log on to my email accounts. Sadly, it turns out I haven't logged into one of my main accounts for more than six months and they are deleting it, if they haven't already done so. Even if it isn't completely gone, they can't reverse the process or let me get the same address again. :( So I decided to get a similar one on my other account. No use crying over spilled milk, even though I almost did. Sigh.

I should try to save and then archive my old homepages/blogs and start new ones. No one will be interested in my ancient history. I'll probably change the name too. I'll see. We will probably keep our fan fiction up until further notice but it's not that simple unfortunately. We'll need to change things over quite a bit. Our personal blogs will be easier. I would love to have somewhere to just 'chat'. I have a private blog where I gush over all the cute things my children and nieces have done, that I promised I wouldn't spam my followers with. :) It used to be where I was whining about my life but nowadays I find that I mainly post about the children. I was born to be a mother.

OT: Stuck

Now that we’re basically stuck, I’ve been thinking about how most of my life has been spent wishing I was somewhere else. Then for a short while I really felt at home and loved my life. Then we had to move from our first and best apartment and since then nothing has been going right.

Now dreaming about going somewhere else suddenly doesn’t work. I can’t go anywhere. When all this is over, I’ll try to make sure I end up somewhere I’m really, really happy. If that’s even possible at this time in my life. At least I have the children. They help a lot.

Though I know I shouldn’t complain. Many people are a lot worse off. No one in my family belongs to a risk group. We’re in a safe and relatively comfortable place and getting enough to eat and drink. It’s just so dull. There’s nothing to do except pick up after the children. Which I have to do all the time, so I guess I can keep busy, even if I’m not exactly having fun doing that.

Maybe I can take this time to tell my friends that we’re moving into another quite cool place now. It’s a 17th century building that was used for storage in the past. Now it’s been transformed into our very own little town house. It’s got two floors and its own little backyard. All that’s missing is a pretty view. All we can see are some rather plain buildings and a parking lot. (At least so I’ve been told by my sister. I haven’t actually seen it myself yet, for obvious reasons). It’s a rental, but these things still cost a bundle, here in Denmark. We’ll see how long we can stick around. Once we’re free to travel we’ll have to settle things back in Sweden. Move our stuff, sell the house etc. For now we’ll just sit tight and thank the powers that be for IKEA. :) And a store that seems to be almost next door. So no long walks to do the shopping. Though actually, we’re going to try to order food for the duration of this weird time of isolation.


Happy (Virtual) St Patrick's Day from a 10 % Irish person. :)

OT: Spending time in 3D

So, like most other people, we’re basically in isolation. Since I have two very demanding kids and two equally demanding nieces, I pretty much stay busy all the time anyway. Still, when the kids are asleep or even when they’re busy with undisclosed mischief, I have started playing around with my Second Life avatars. Somehow, I always find visiting the 3D world very relaxing.

I’ve been shopping for new outfits and hair. Well, my main avatar got to keep her hair, but the other two were upgraded to a more modern and mature look. Incidentally, I think they’ve both become more like me which is fun. Like me but cooler, obviously.

There’s something about walking around all those fascinating regions that’s very relaxing too, just like shopping.

A few words about the shopping… Old accounts get a bit of pocket money. I’ve decided never to use real money. My sister has, on occasion, because she had an active social life and at least three close friends to spend time with. My only friend has disappeared. I’m not sure what happened. He’s very ambitious and hard working in real life so I imagine he decided that he couldn’t justify hanging around online just for fun.

I think I’ll start exploring again. Lately, I’ve found two Irish-themed regions and a couple of others that seem nice. Maybe I’ll also go to some concerts again. Sometimes there’s classical music. A few regions specialize in 80’s music. There should be something that I could enjoy.







My new hairbrush

I recently got a new hairbrush, and I know that's not much of a topic for a post, but I also had it decorated by a promising young artist. ;)





Booklikes Active Poster

I thought this would be a good way for us to comment and then share the post to see who is still here to make sure we are all following each other. I only bring this up because I see some people posting and I appear to be the only one following their reviews.


I have gotten some comments from bots though which is another reason why I wanted us all to take this Friday to comment and share this post so we can all find each other. 


Feel free to drop your name in the comments and share! 

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Birthday books

Today my children turn four. These are some of their presents. 



They both like books and dinosaurs. 

Some thoughts on dealing with Spam

(Updated 12/4/19 with additional thoughts shared in the comments)


I've been thinking about this.


Spam is the bane of our existence. We all hate it. We all want it to go away.


Spammers love our attention, whether it be positive or negative. The more we respond to spammers, the happier they are and the more they want to keep posting here.


In light of the fact that for all intents and purposes this community is entirely without moderators who can deal with spam and delete spam accounts, here is what we should do with spammers: We should make this place as uninviting as possible for spammers, a place where they are entirely ignored.



1. DO NOT respond to them. Do not add a comment to any discussion.Do not comment on any post. Do not engage. Period. (Yes, I know this is hard but don't do it! Not even to warn others that we have a new spammer; we are smart enough to figure it out for ourselves.) 
2. DO NOT block them unless they are following you, because to block them you have to follow them first and following is engaging. 
3. Check your follower page regularly and block spammers. 
4. The only reason to visit a spammy looking discussion is to change the notification setting to "no notifications" -- and then only when you receive a notification. Out of sight, out of mind. 
5. DO NOT keep returning to spam discussions. Do not add to the visitor count. Do not feed the spammer ego. Make this place as unfriendly as possible.
6. Report spammers here. It is not an official list but it can't hurt.  Do it without opening the blog you want to report; copy the link/URL that takes you to the blog. (Thanks to Themis-Athena for this addition to the list).
7.  The administrator of any discussion group can delete spam discussions & block spammers from the group. If you recognize the administrator of a group or discussion as a legit member (such as the admins of BL Bookish Bingo Club), use PM (private message) to report the spam to the administrators. Include the URL for the discussion and the post# for the spam. DO NOT respond to the spammers or plus/minus them; just report them. (Thanks to Moonlight for this addition to the list).


The more of us who follow the non-engagement plan, the less inviting we will become.


If you think this plan will work, please feel free to pass it along. The more times this is re-blogged, the more active members will see it --and maybe even a few spammers.



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