I’m vegan, an animal lover, and I also love books - I love to read (fantasy, mysteries, historic and non-fiction) and write (fantasy, mysteries, historic…). Other interests include languages and history.


If you like, you're welcome to check out my About.me page, where you'll find links to other blogs and communities.

Some random facts about me:

I love to watch real, old-fashioned tv shows, not ‘reality’ series, game shows or talk shows or ‘entertainment’. I also like to watch movies, including old ones in black and white.

I love to eat veggies and drink water, but of course I also like other vegan food, like fruit, cereals (preferably freshly made bread, straight from the oven) and different kinds of protein, including soy cheese, yoghurt and ice cream.

I have written quite a few fanfics in many different fandoms, and I also write original fiction, mainly YA and children's (fantasy, mystery and historic).

I’m very interested in Tibetan and Indian culture. I don’t always like to travel, but if I do, I’d love to visit (or revisit) Finland, Estonia, Germany, Austria and Ireland.

I like all kinds of older music, and some current songs as well. I love baroque music and rock and pop from the 50’s up until the late 90’s, especially 80’s music.

I love going for long walks and taking photos and going on outings where I’d also take some photos.

I love gardens and parks as well as woods and meadows.

My favorite colours are blue, green and red (but in nature, I love nearly all colours). 

I love Apple computers, iPods, iPhones and iPad Minis. I also like e-readers and cameras, so I’m a bit of a tech geek.


I also have a couple of homepages, with some of my original fiction, my fan fiction and some vegan recipes. I'm on Dreamwidth too.


My sister and I are into 3D worlds so we have our own little Swedish, bookish, vegan world in hypergrid, but you'll also find me in Second Life (sometimes).