This was a cute, but also serious story about a dog who ends up in a shelter. She’s the main character and you get her point of view in the story. She’s been on the street for a long time and is very weak and scared, but is taken to a shelter and nursed back to health, then adopted. That’s only the introduction, really. The real mystery is her amnesia, that she doesn’t even find out about until she runs into two other dogs who seem to know her. Apparently, she has another name and so do they, but of course they can’t tell their humans about that. Soon ’Sandy’ begins to remember her whole back story and that’s really what the story is about. There will be more books in the series, but I read that book 3 is probably too sad and gruesome for my taste. I might get book 2 though.

Reading this story also got me thinking about ’our’ breeds and how they probably wouldn’t be as social or helpful, because they’re more like cats and would care more about themselves than other animals and cats would be even less inclined to want to help. Kind of like most people. Sigh.

I liked this story because I can ’suspend disbelief’ and totally buy into a dog thinking almost like a human, but with a ’doggie touch’. It’s also well written and quite nice, even though distressing topics are mentioned. I suppose it’s realistic that cats aren’t the dogs’ best friends. Maybe the author doesn’t like cats or at least not as much as dogs.