When her aunt dies, unemployed software developer Abby Strickland receives an unexpected inheritance of eight cartons of sterling silver. But first, she must deal with the police when her serving piece for a special cake becomes a murder weapon. With blood on the family silver and officers threatening to arrest her based on circumstantial evidence, she has to protect herself.  Simon, the black Lab puppy, keeps Abby on her toes. Lured to the crime scene in Saint Michaels, a sailing destination on the Chesapeake Bay, Abby finds a different way of life filled with quirky characters, boat races and a handsome guy, all only ninety minutes from the Nation’s Capital. It’s fun until she is tangled in a web of wealth, greed and family secrets.  This was a well written and well researched mystery. I really liked the characters and I suppose that’s one reason I liked this book so much. It’s a mystery, and it’s about antique silver. I didn’t imagine that I would like that so much, but I did. Abby is nice. Simon is adorable, even though he isn’t Abby’s - she’s just babysitting him for a friend. In Saint Michaels, she meets new friends and ends up really feeling at home there.