Now that I’ve read quite a few free e-books (hardly any printed ones, I’m afraid, which means none in Swedish) I really should get started on reviewing them (or at least post a brief comment on the ones I liked). Since I’ve read so many, I guess it will just be a brief comment for most of them.

It’s odd. Sometimes a book I’ve read seems to be a perfect choice and I end up not liking it at all. Then again, there are others that I see as being based more or less on average ideas but that are somehow just great anyway. Usually because I really like the characters. Besides, you don’t need originality to be distracted.

I remember answering a question  on a blog. Why do you read? For educational purposes or to escape? I replied escape, but everyone else said educational. I guess we live in different worlds. I have learned things from books I’ve read but that’s hardly ever why I pick up a book. Distraction and escape are what I crave.