Recently, I’ve signed up for author newsletters. It’s a great way to get free ’real’ books, not just excerpts and they're usually much better than general ’freebie’ sites. Besides, I also enjoy reading about my fellow (more successful) writers’ lives. It’s a bit like downloading other freebies, except there are fewer DNF:s. I’ve even found a few favorites - among them, a series of mysteries about two really fun older twins (sixty-somethings). In a way, they remind me of the Stephanie Plum mysteries, without the sex. The only drawback is that many of these books only exist as e-books. If I really like a book, I want to buy it in print (preferably paperbacks). Oh, and I can never get any books in Swedish. It’s getting so hard to get books in my own language without buying them, without having read a preview or something. There’s been some trouble with borrowing e-books at the library. Some libraries never buy e-books at all. One that used to have so many, suddenly doesn’t. At least a few still have ebooks, fortunately. I’m hoping I’ll soon be writing reviews again.