Today, we ventured outside the old city center to go to Lidl. In Sweden we frequently found great bargains on vegan food, clothes, household appliances and much more. Guess what? That will never happen here in Denmark. Apparently, it’s the only country in Europe where Lidl doesn’t sell vegan food and even though there was some stuff other than food, it’s clear we’ll never bother with Lidl again. We needed sheets for our new beds and more clothes for my kids. Grr. That long, long walk in the relentless heat all for nothing. Well, there was vegan ice cream and ’accidentally’ vegan chocolate. At least the kids enjoyed the ice cream. And chocolate makes pretty much everything at least a little better. Now I’m semi-passed out on one of the new couches trying to simmer down and get over my disappointment. I didn’t take any photos. Out there even our cool new home isn’t very pretty.