I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I was last logged in here and even longer since I posted. Sorry about that. I’m still having computer problems and having to post whole reviews on a phone isn’t much fun. The last physical books I read were my Christmas presents. On the other hand I’ve also read plenty of great free ebooks. There will be reviews of them as soon as my sister fixes my computer. Unfortunately, my Bookeen Cybook is broken again. One of my nieces took it and dropped it on the floor. The little button with which you turn the device on and off or turns on the screen saver fell off and disappeared. Sadly, it seems it’s almost impossible to get spare parts for this type of device. Also, it’s quite old. But it annoys me to have to let it go when it’s still working more or less perfectly. It’s just so hard to start it or shut it down. Sigh. 


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