I decided to do a Swedish book blog question and I thought I'd also do it in English. (Just for those who are curious, the word means something that bounces back and forth, in this case from blog to blog).

The question is: what do you think about arcs in the e-book formats e-pub and pdf? First I have to say that I don't request arcs, because if I did, I'd feel obliged to review them (naturally). Unlike many other people, I prefer not to review books I don't like. It just feels a little mean to completely tear someone's book apart. If I like the book, I'm perfectly comfortable with mentioning any weaknesses. I suppose some might say it's no use answering the question at all under those circumstances, but I thought I'd focus on the e-book formats instead.

My reply: I don't exactly love pdf, but if I'm borrowing e-books from the library, I won't complain. After all, it's free. In general, I much prefer e-pub, that I will read on my Bookeen Cybook Odyssey (Frontlight), or if it's a library book on my iPad Mini, that I was lucky enough to get for free, when my sister got one at work. but since I also own a Kindle (Touch) I read .mobi/.azw too. Oh, and just for the record, even though like e-books too, I do prefer printed books, but I will buy those myself.

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