Obviously, I'm a bit late for this Round Robin but I wanted to do it anyway. I hope I'm doing it right, if not, feel free to point it out to me so I can correct the post. And these are just the movies I can think of at the moment. I may have other favorite that I will think of too late for this post. ;)


Funtasic Friday

Apparently, Book Cupidity started this.


People who have followed my blogs for a while probably know that I'm crazy about old black and white movies. I've even watched Metropolis (1927) and M (1931) just for fun, and not for school. There's actually a funny story behind how I discovered M. I was sending a message to my sister thegreenring and something went wrong (don't ask me how it happened, because I have no idea) and we ended up with the link to M instead. So we thought we were probably meant to see it. It can't be described as a favorite movie, even though I did enjoy it, but it's surprising how such an ancient movie can still be enjoyed in exactly the same way as a modern one (parts of it anyway). My enjoyment of Metropolis was more because of my interest in history than anything else.

My friends/followers probably also know that my all-time favorite is Gilda from 1946, starring Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth.

Gilda movie poster

I also love Spellbound from 1945, starring Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman.

Spellbound, movie poster

Another favorite is Notorious from 1946 starring Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant.

Notorious, movie poster

I also really like The Lady Vanishes from 1938.

The Lady Vanishes, movie poster

Hair from 1979 is another favorite.

Hair movie poster

Finally, for some reason I also like Trafic from 1971.

Trafic, movie poster

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