Now it's been about two months since I had the twins and I realize that these things might take time, but really - how long is it going to take until my 'baby bump' disappears? (As much as it will ever disappear):

Is it possible that I'm still retaining fluids? Because I still have a hard time fitting into my normal clothes. It feels as if I'm still a bit swollen. Not my legs, but my hips and so on. I didn't put on that much weight - apart from the baby bump. I expected to return to a relatively normal weight afterwards. Not that I've dared to stand on the scales. I never do, since it always disappoints me and makes me sad.

Now it looks like I may never fit into my nice jeans, and it might be ages until I can even fit into the other pairs.

Sorry about all the whining.

I know I shouldn't complain. Even if I don't get back to normal again, it's completely worth it because I now have the twins.

Oh, and let me just gush a little about cute baby clothes and finding old stuff from when my sister and I were babies and even some from when my mom was. There's even a little collar that used to be my grandmother's and a little bonnet that used to be my aunt's. Also, we have plenty of worn out clothes and old fabrics so my sister is going to make some clothes for the babies from that material.