Despite being rather too busy (and lack of sleep) I started writing a fanfic. Unfortunately, because even though I should sleep when I have a little time off from feeding and changing and so on, sometimes I'm too wired to doze off and then I get bored. That's why I wanted to write a short fic. The trouble is, I wasn't all that inspired by the fandom (Shetland). So far what I've managed is a slightly humorous fic, but I can't seem to get the ending right or even get to the ending at all. The fic just seems to fizzle out. Grr. That's what I get for starting to write without proper inspiration. I like the fandom a lot, but sometimes I don't really get any interesting ideas based on it. In fact, I sometimes like a fandom too much, which means there's no 'what if?'. I think I might abandon this fic, at least for now.

Fortunately, the two new fanfic ideas I have, are for more developed and I feel far more inspired to write in those fandoms (Maria Lang's mysteries/movies based on them) and Call the Midwife). I just don't want to start right now when I'm suffering from lack of sleep and I'm feeling so stressed out.

Sadly, I really don't feel up to finishing my two (or rather three) YA novels. That would take far more inspiration and time and focus. In fact, two of them are still stuck on that old broken computer. My sister still hasn't had time to get the content out. Realistically, it will probably take at least a year until I can get to work on them.