I don't know how I missed this, since the person behind it, Ashley with Creative Whim, is my blog host for my main blog. But I'm wondering if any of my booklikes peeps have heard anything about this proposed new site.


Ashley is also the designer of the Ultimate Book Blogger (UBB) plug-in, which is beloved of wordpress book bloggers. She has her own book blog, and is well-connected with the book blogger community. I can also personally attest that she is extremely responsive to questions - every time I have put in a service ticket, my question has been answered or issue resolved within hours.


Her kickstarter page is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1537387347/litrate-an-online-community-for-book-lovers?ref=card


I still haven't really connected with leafmarks. I remain bound to Goodreads by one group, the challenge function (which is far superior to the booklikes challenge) and their book database.




My comment: This looks like a cool idea. If it works out, I'm sure I'll sign up, but I'll never leave Booklikes. This is the best book community I've ever seen. Leafmarks is nice, but I can't add most non-English books. I love Libib - but so far it's not a very developed community. Of course, I'm still there. Still on Goodreads too, but not really using it anymore, just keeping an eye on things.

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