After I left Tumblr (and later Livejournal)  I looked around for alternatives and found them very close by. I'd been on Wordpress and Dreamwidth for a couple of years off and on.


The trouble with Tumblr is that it's owned by Yahoo and for various reasons I don't want anything to do with Yahoo.


I was also forced to leave LJ because of the Russian owners who tend to ignore the non-Russian speakers when it comes to informing them of changes to the site. Worse, though, they store everything from the site in Russia and there's quite a bit of downtime because of political reasons. In the end, I felt I had no choice but to go.


So, now I'm trying to make myself at home on Dreamwidth, which is very similar to Livejournal, but has American owners. Not only that, it's not a big corporation, they're a group of enthusiasts who provide the journal community mainly because they're passionate about this sort of thing. The sad thing about Dreamwidth is that most users there seem to treat it as a sort of backup for Livejournal. They don't really use it. That means it's hard to make friends. Other than that, it's a wonderful blog platform. There are plenty of beautiful themes to choose between. It's easy to use and there are no ads.


Wordpress is like Tumblr in that it's easy to post photos and other media. The blog software is fantastic, versatile and easy to use, but there's not much of a community, apart from the Gravatar profiles. There are ads on, but not on the self-hosted blog/homepage you get from