This is an old friending meme from Livejournal, that I thought I'd try posting here. If you want to do the meme, just copy the whole thing, then delete my responses and add your own.

About you

(all of these are optional! No need to disclose anything you're uncomfortable with.)

Name/nickname: Camilla/Ilirwen
Location: Sweden
Gender/preferred pronouns: Female (she, hers etc)
Zodiac sign: Leo
Anything else? I'm vegan, in case it bothers someone - if you don't like it, don't friend me (but I don't really mention my veganism on my Booklikes blog), I'm quite sensitive and I don't like reading about anything that makes me sad and/or upset.


Favourite musicians/bands: Old music (90's and back) - pop, rock and of course classical music (mainly older music, but also classicisim and early romanticism)
Favourite books: fantasy, mysteries, historic fiction, science fiction and non-fiction
Favourite movies: LOTR, Narnia, historic, science fiction, classics (black and white)
Favourite TV shows: Dr Who, older series like Robin of Sherwood, The X files, Star Trek, cop series like The Crime (Forbrydelsen)...
Celebrities you admire/fanperson over: I usually get over that pretty soon so it varies, none at the moment
Other interests/passions of yours: books, writing (fan fiction and original), animals, veganism
Favourite tea/other hot drink: lemon tea, hot chocolate (made from soy milk or other milk alternatives)
Favourite food: all kinds of vegan food, mainly pasta/Italian, vegetables etc
Anything else? I'm a chocolate lover! I'm also interested in (reading about) history, linguistics, popular science (astronomy, physics, geology etc) and technology, including 3D worlds. All kinds of things really, a little of this, a little of that.

About your Blog

How often do you post? a couple of times a month, usually, depending on how I feel, sometimes more often
How often do you comment on others' entries? more often than I post myself, usually, depending on when my friends post, of course
What do you post about? book reviews (of course), cute book-related pics, quotes et
What do you like to read about? Roughly the same things I post about - but also fanfics
Any dealbreakers (ie. content you absolutely do NOT want to read)? cruelty to animals and children, unpleasant people, depressing topics in general
Anything else you would like to say? I'm on Dreamwidth too, among other places, but no longer on Tumblr