I have mentioned this before, but since I just finished a few reviews in Swedish, I've been thinking about whether or not to post them here. (Actually, I haven't found the titles on Bokia, which is the only Swedish bookshop I search). I have no idea how many, if any, Swedish people have joined Booklikes or who would be interested. Undoubtedly, non-Swedish speakers will be able to tolerate a few posts in a language they don't understand, but how many would actually understand?


If you're a Swedish-speaker or understand Swedish enough to read it a bit, it would be great if you'd comment, so I can have some idea how many people would be interested. Naturally, I realize that even Swedish-speakers may not share my taste in books so my reviews may not interest them at all.


Finns det några medlemmar som talar svenska här, eller som förstår svenska? Det skulle vara intressant att veta. Jag är med i en svensk boksajt, men den är inte alls lika bra som Booklikes, så det känns inte så meningsfullt att lägga ut mina recensioner där.