I learned how to read when I was three. My mom had taken time off from her job as a teacher for children with learning disabilities, but so she wouldn't lose touch completely, she had a few students that needed a little extra help. Apparently, I sat listening intently to her teaching and absorbed it all. Or so I've been told.

Ever since I learned how to read, I have loved books. I even wrote little stories in little notebooks. I really wish I still had them. All I can remember is writing Enid Blyton's Five ripoffs, with characters called Bill, Tom, Sam etc, and a token female. I'd like to think that my writing has evolved a bit since then. :)

When I was eleven or twelve, my family and I were on vacation on an island in the Baltic sea. I hadn't brought enough books to tide me over the two weeks we always spent there and went to a library in a little village. The librarian was fantastic. He asked me a few questions about what books I had read and what I liked, then walked over to a bookshelf and handed me two books - two of the titles in the Earthsea series by Ursula K LeGuin. Not the two first, unfortunately, but book two and three. I instantly loved them and later I bought all the books in the series. That's my best library memory. My earliest memory would be when I was given my own library card at the library in the village where we lived when I was four. Then later, when we moved to a town, my mom was told that they did things differently there and I had to use her library card instead.

I still love books and these days I have two e-readers (well, hopefully I will have two again, but I had to return one of them to the seller) - a Kindle Touch and a Letto (Bookeen Cybook Odyssey). It's the latter that I had to return. The battery time was only about 24 hours compared to the promised thirty days (!). I wouldn't even have complained if it had only been about two weeks, because I know that I usually read for longer than the 'half hour' mentioned in the manual. I also sometimes read library books on my old iPod Touch. The screen is too small, but otherwise it works great. If I have to choose, I'll say that I prefer to read physical books, but e-readers are fun too.