Shadowmarch - Tad Williams
I've read other books by Tad williams that I liked more, so I expected more from this book and now I'm a little disappointed. The story just failed to grip me fully. It's just too 'ordinary' to me. Maybe it isn't the book's fault, maybe it's me. I have found myself preferring urban fantasy and other 'different' fantasy, in the past couple of years. None of the characters are really likable. I can't identify with or fall in love with anyone. The only character I sort of like is the young Captain who's fallen in love with the princess, though I really can't see why. This may sound as if I don't like the book at all, and that's not quite true. Some parts of it are actually quite interesting and exciting. It just doesn't feel very unique. Having said that, I'm still looking forward to reading the next book in the trilogy (?).