Die Pestglocke: Kelten-Thriller (German Edition) - Patrick Dunne

This, the second book I'd read by Patrick Dunne, was as fascinating as the first one. The first I read in translation, this time in English. I'm not quite as impressed with this version. There were some minor flaws, passages that seemed a bit clumsy. Less than subtle info dumps, for instance. But the plot worked and the characters too, except possibly for the fact that I'm not one hundred percent convinced by Illaun as a female. The author is good, one of the best when it comes to writing in the first person with someone of the opposite sex, but still, it doesn't work all the time. Even so, this book is definitely good enough. I can recommend it to anyone who would like to try a new setting for an excellent mystery.


 Edit: I did not read the German edition, as it said when this book was imported from Goodreads. I don't know how that happened. Just for the record.