Lectures Cle En Francais Facile - Level 1: Voyage au centre de la terre - Jules Verne
This is my favorite Jules Verne book. I don't know exactly what it is I like about it, but I find it absolutely fascinating and I like the characters, especially Axel, the professor's nephew. Today, we know that such a journey would most likely be impossible, but I can't help being pulled into the adventure. The copy I read - probably this edition - had notes, with explanations for everything - making the book easy to read, for anyone, with no prior knowledge of French or history. For me, at least half of those notes were a bit unnecessary, but I read them anyway. Someone went to the trouble of explaining every single thing in a book from the 19 century. I didn't need all that help, but it's comforting to know that it's there for those who need it.