After the Funeral - Agatha Christie 4:50 from Paddington - Agatha Christie They Came to Baghdad - Agatha Christie

Lately, I've read, and in one case, read for the first time, old Agatha Christie mysteries. It's so relaxing, maybe even therapeutic. They're so reliable. I can't believe I'd never read After the funeral before, when I've read almost all her mysteries at one time or another. It was a nice surprise, even though I can't say it was one of her best titles.


Before posting here, I spent some enervating minutes trying to type the same post into the Litsy app and my Swedish iPad wanted to turn most words into Swedish words. I kept having to fight it. It's so annoying. And even more annoying - once I'd managed it, the app told me my blurb was too long. I just shut the app down and decided to just post here instead. Thanks Booklikes. :)


Tonight I'm going to read The ABC Murders (I hope that's the right title, since this time I'm reading it in Swedish). Actually, I read all three above titles in Swedish since I can conveniently borrow them from my local library as e-books. Quite conveniently anyway, since now they think I've borrowed too many in a short while (less than a week) so I have to wait a while to borrow the next one. Fortunately, I have cards at two other libraries as well. :) Tonight, I'll escape into nostalgia again. :)