Pets are awesome- literary pets are even more awesome


Who's your pet match from literature? It could be any creature from a cat to a scaly dragon, depending on your preference of cuddliness. Animals from literature usually have added perks, like the ability to talk, fantastical skills, and/or incredible loyalty. Some may not make the best pets, but they would be great animals to at least have in your life. Let's see who your literary pet is...


You Got: The Velveteen Rabbit from “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams


You are a tender-loving person who loves hugs and cuddles and helping people fell special and taken care of. The Velveteen Rabbit needs you just as much as you need him! We know he’s a stuffed bunny, but he wants to be a real rabbit plus his emotions are so real. He would be a perfect cuddly pet for you. You want a pet who wants to be there for your every move, from picnics on rolling hills to hikes in beautiful forests. No pet would ever be as loyal as the Velveteen Rabbit, and you would be just as loyal back.


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