Today, I finally managed to get that haircut. My mom has to go to an eye clinic every two months. Sometimes they inject one of her eyeballs with something, and when they do it takes her eye a while to get back to normal. That means either my sister or I or both of us and the twins go with her. Today all of us went. Unfortunately the train we were going on stopped three stations before the terminal which means the vile dump of a town where I used to live. I really hate having to go there and I still have at least one more visit there this year, probably two, to go to the dentist. Anyway, once I got to that other town (the one where I haven't lived, but where my grandmother once did), I spotted a hairdresser on the way to the hospital. I went inside and asked if they could fit me in, but as I'd expected the lady, while very nice, didn't have time for me. However, she did suggest a competitor across the street. By then I'd more or less given up hope, but actually the lady in there did have time for me and she cut my hair very quickly and at least in my opinion very well. She was also nice to chat with. So now I can go to the police station (not in the town where I live, but one further away) and get a new ID card (or at least order one and have a photo taken). Phew.

We also got a few things for the twins. This time my son, who seemed to love riding on a train the last time, was scared of the train whistle and the sound of the doors opening and closing.

Tomorrow I have to get up in the early hours of the morning and go to the clinic in town and have my blood pressure measured. Unfortunately, I have to be there about fortyfive minutes earlier than the actual appointment, which is at 7.10 in the morning. Ouch. Then I have to wait for about as long afterwards before I can get back. I'm not sure when I'll sleep. A Swedish comedian once said that she didn't think the earliest hours of the morning were actually used, they were just there to fill out the clock. It feels a little like that.