My Librarything has been more less dormant since I joined Booklikes. After the scare we had recently, I decided to start using my other book communities more. I hadn't added any books to LT for ages. So I decided to try to do an import, not feeling very hopeful that it would work. Booklikes doesn't seem to have a way of exporting, does it? When I found out that Leafmarks was going to shut down, I downloaded my books from there, like everyone else. To cut to the chase, I was able to import that file into LT. It even looked as if some of the titles I read as ebooks were added, but surely that can't be right? Anyway, I feel a lot better now that (most of) my book collection is safe. It's on Libib too, so hopefully I won't have any trouble in the future. All three can't just disappear at once, at least I hope not.