I hesitate to mention this, but I feel stuck. Caught in a trap. Don't get me wrong, I'm not referring to my children. They're the best thing that's happened to me for a very long time. It's just being stuck here. Like living in the middle of a big roundabout, with traffic roaring by day and night. Also, it's right in the middle of the plains. Not so good for someone suffering from agoraphobia. I need to get something out of life before it's too late. What exactly I want, is a bit personal, as well as vague. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do, just - something more.

On a different note, I just tried to call a hairdresser to hopefully get a haircut before the twins' christening which is on Sunday. The weird thing is, I just got an automated message saying that number isn't in use. But only recently we passed the actual hairdresser when we were in town, so it's definitely still around. I used to joke about these tiny towns that had odd, old-fashioned shops that you won't see anywhere else anymore, like in a fantasy story. Now it's not a joke anymore, it's real. Actually it's a bit charming, but still weird.

Also, just when I was trying to make that phone call, I saw something change in the window of a neighbour's house. Except he doesn't live there anymore. He moved in with his mother who lives closer to us. His old house is across a field. Did I imagine seeing whatever it was? It was like a curtain being pulled to the side, I think - it all happened so quickly. Was it a trick of the light? Of course it's perfectly possible that his mum was there tidying up or something. It's not that far, though she's a bit wary of going out on her own, in case she falls down. I guess the reason I'm posting this is that it made me a little uneasy. No one was supposed to be in that house. We've never seen anyone around, except occasionally outside, when apparently the owner goes there to put his trash in his trashcan. He must still be paying for that service. But he and his brother-in-law always go by car. Just like the garbage truck. No one walks over there anymore. My sister and I went once to take a look, since it's empty. It's just an ordinary house, only a little dilapidated. Beyond this house there's another that is really run down. The front door is even missing and there are signs that someone with a drinking problem used to live there. The whole place is a mess.

So, did the owner of that house move because, as he says, he's moving into town and is going to sell the house? Did he move because the place is so run down he's tired of fixing things? Or is it because it's haunted?

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