Today we went into town to see about my children's christening. We wanted to get in early, both because the church people I had to get in touch with apparently only work before noon, and also because we were expecting a package to be delivered in the early afternoon. That package didn't arrive so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will come tomorrow instead. Anyway, bringing the twins along wasn't strictly necessary but it made it possible for us all to go together. On the other hand, especially when it's this hot, it's not really a good idea to bring the children. They tend to be out of sorts for a while after any visit to the town.

We're pretty much new in this little town and I thought I was familiar with most of it already. It's a very small town with only a few thousand people living in the central 'urban' area (fifteen thousand in the entire county). I used to think it's only made up of maybe five blocks, but I think I was wrong about that. We got a little lost looking for the church's offices (what's the word for that in English?) so we got to see a bit more of the town. I was sure there was no book shop and my mum has already told all her friends that 'there's an off-licence but not a book shop'. Clearly we were wrong, because we stumbled across a combined stationer's and book shop. We also found several cute, retro buildings making me feel as if I'd stumbled back in time, some fifty years or so. Everything was so cute and picturesque and very old-fashioned. I also only knew about one beauty parlour and one hairdresser/barber, but apparently there are at least two more, both specifically ladies' hairdressers. I'm not saying it's as important as a book shop (LOL), but it will come in handy. My hair has grown so long lately.


Retro House

We also took the opportunity of visiting the library. My daughter, P, was fascinated with the books, a photo exhibition and an art exhibition that quite frankly wasn't all that interesting to me, but maybe I've become jaded over the years. This was P:s first art exhibition. I think S, my son, would have been just as interested, but he slept through most of the visit.

A nice older man came over and talked a little to P, when she was sitting on my lap. He was very good at judging her age, so I'm assuming he has grandchildren.

We had been hoping we'd be able to get some of the delicious Italian sorbets in the little park (during the winter season and when it's raining, the gelateria is in the station building). Unfortunately, the cafe in the park only opened a few minutes before we had to take the bus.