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(In no particular order)

1. Reading a really great book (of course!). I should think no comment is needed.
2. Re-reading a really great book (obviously!) See above.
3. Reviewing a good book. This is related to point no 8.
4. Entering a bookstore and/or library and just enjoy the surroundings. I'm sure most book lovers feel the same way so it might not be all that unique, but in any case, this has been a source of joy for me since I was about 3 and it still is.
5. To place and arrange books on the shelf. This is, as weird as it may sound, something I've had to do without for a long time, since I've been living 'in a box' for years. Long story. But I'm really looking forward to getting my booshelves and books back. Sob, I can't wait.
6. Having some kind of contact with an author you admire (in my case, over the internet). I've had the pleasure of interacting with a number of authors whose books I've read and enjoyed and all four (I think that's it) have been really nice. One of them had found me through my review of her book and had linked to my blog. Wasn't that nice?
7. Reading to my children. So far it's more a matter of playing with them around a book, but I'm sure they'll get more involved with the actual content of the book quite soon.
8. Giving someone advice about what book to read. That doesn't happen to me very often, unfortunately. No one I know is interested in what I like to read, even though most of my friends are book nerds. At least my sister loves to read, fortunately. Unfortunately, she doesn't have time and doesn't feel up to reading at the moment. My dad loved books, but sadly enough he never wanted to discuss them, give me tips or listen to my tips about books.
9. Book memories. Remembering a nice book memory (and in my case, maybe blogging about it, because I have so few friends and no one close to where I live.)
10. Unpacking a package of books that you've ordered (naturally!). I don't suppose I need to comment on this, because most book lovers will feel the same. Those who prefer borrowing books, will feel the same about dragging a whole bag of books back from the library.