My daughter, who is nine weeks old, has joined a book club for babies. I'm hoping this will give her and her brother a lifelong love for and appreciation of books.

Those of you who have children, do you have any experience with this sort of thing? Did your children enjoy the book club? Or is it just a clever way to make money off bookloving moms?

I must say that the 'welcome package' contained many cute books and toys for the twins. So far though (after a long and tiring visit to the clinic for weighing and measuring) we've only tried the first books on my son and he didn't seem that interested. Music seems to be his thing. My daughter, who was awake during most of the day, was too tired in the evening to have anything to do with books.


When I was little, my mom and grandmother used to read to me a lot, but the books were just 'ordinary' books, not a combination of toy and book. I know I loved it, but then my first memories are only from around age 3 or so.