Tonight was really difficult though I didn't notice that until I woke up early in the morning. Apparently, I'd been too tired to even wake up when my daughter started to scream, so my sister took care of her and my son too, I assume. However, she was too tired to notice that they (or one of them) had pooed all over the bed. That includes their clothing and the new bed sheet that had arrived in the mail only yesterday. And the cover around the mattress too. And my sisters clothes... The list goes on. Anyway, once we'd dealt with all that, we were hoping we could go back to sleep. No such luck.

Suddenly, I heard what sounded like footsteps coming from downstairs. I told my sister who had already gone back to sleep and she tiptoed down the stairs to check things out. I was terrified. So was she. The sound seemed to be coming not from the first floor/ground floor but from the basement. So she went down there to take a look and what she found was... a male pheasant (he'd only just appeared in our yard a few days ago). For some reason he was pecking on the window. Mom thinks he saw his reflection and was picking a fight with the other male he thought was there. We thought he was telling us he wanted to be fed. Either way, it seems funny now, in retrospect, but while it lasted, we were really terrified.


Male pheasant

The image is from wikipedia, but hopefully we'll be able to get some photos of the actual pheasant who lives in our grounds (and our neighbours' grounds as well, of course.) In fact, we have plenty of wild and feral animals around here. Mainly birds, like corvids, wild ducks, a blackbird, a great tit and plenty of others. There are also deer that we see from a distance over the fields that don't seem to be used for anything at the moment.