Recently, I've discovered some new online archives/writing communities.

The first, Belletristica, is really a German community, but where people speak good English too. You can either post in German or English.

My first impression is that it's a very nice-looking site and people are nice and welcoming. Even after just about 24 hours as a member, I've had several comments on my stories and welcoming messages from an admin.

Unlike on other German sites, I've felt that these people (and though as usual it's mainly women, there are also some guys) are perfectly willing to use English when they communicate with non-German speakers. Very nice.

You can upload a 'banner' for your story, sort of like a cover image, like on Wattpad, but my impression is that people don't do that as much as on Wattpad. Since it's rather difficult to produce cover images for all short stories that's quite a relief. It doesn't seem to harm your chances of being read.

There's also a chat and more community aspects which seems fun and easy to use.

Just one tiny complaint: why the orange color? What's so great about that? So many sites seem to prefer either pale varieties of white, grey and beige or if they go for a bit more color it's nearly always orange these days.

The second writing community I found is called FictionPad and seems to be a simpler version of Wattpad. That means less problems and downtime but of course also fewer members and less attention. It's easy to use and looks quite nice too, but so far I haven't had any comments or messages sent to me. Of course it's early days yet. Maybe there will be more activity soon.

Finally, I've also found Writersky that is a bit like Smashwords. You can post your own stories and books but since you need someone to approve your story before publishing I've decided to wait. So far after this short time, without really looking, I've found a mystery/thriller that looks really promising and I've sent it to my iPad Mini to read later. I imagine I might read more than I'll post, but maybe that will change.