Today when we went for our walk with the kids, it was really obvious that spring had finally come. We've seen signs of that earlier, but by now almost all the snow is gone and the sky looks really pretty. Personally, I prefer the woods and hills, but the plains are really beautiful too right now.

This time we just walked around close to the house on the inner roads/paths. The last time we went on our usual walk I was too saddened by the bones we found. It seems a fox or some other small animal has been killed by traffic and some other animal has dragged out part of its skeleton that has probably been exposed by the snow melting.

Tonight we switched off all our electrical lights for Earth Hour and now we're sitting together, the whole family, in the 'silent darkness' (ok, not completely silent). That expression is a direct quote of what my greatgrandmother used to call the time in the evening when the family would sit together in the darkness. They did it to save money on kerosene/parrafin. The women would be knitting, and my greatgrandmother would sing.