Sigh. Now I've done it again - written a story, this time an original story - without really thinking. And sure enough, I ended up with a story I didn't really feel for. To begin with, it's not really the sort of story I like to write and secondly, it wasn't even going in the direction I intended. That's what I get for not planning ahead and thinking.

Oh, well. From now on, I promise myself not to do this anymore. The next time I write something, I want it to be something I'm happy about, even if it needs a lot of editing.

In other news, we took the twins for a walk in their nice new aqua-colored pram. Not that they appreciate it. They really hate lying in it, which makes it tricky waiting to cross a street or standing around outside a store (I can't take them inside because of the risk of infection plus people tend to glare at you for bringing a huge twin pram inside). At least they seem to like riding around in it.

The weather was great, even though there's still a thick layer of snow on the ground. I wish it would melt soon. It's not a very nice walk though - it's kind of messy and follows the big road very closely. The cars driving by out there almost make you fall over from the tailwind.

In fact, living out here is a bit like living in the middle of a big roundabout (traffic circle). I can see cars in every direction and hear the noise of traffic round the clock.

But as I've mentioned before, it's a very nice house, even if there are some really odd details here and there. No doors, no thresholds and a walled up baking oven, to name a few. And did I mention the attic you can't go to, even though there's a window and even curtains up there?

Also, the people around here are quite nice, which is a very nice change from the other town. No hot guys though - I expect that if there ever were any, they moved away a long time ago. The only hot guys I see (and that's very rare) are on the train, which presumably means they come from quite far away.