The Glass Wall: Book One - Madison Adler

I'm going to re-read The Glass Wall by Carmen Caine/Madison Adler. Now that I have the other three books in the series, it might be time to read the first book again.

So far, after reading the prequel, that is included in this edition, I think that the author might have let the info in the prequel unfold later on, at the proper time and place in the actual story. It was far more interesting to have to put two and two together.

I know some people prefer to have everything spelled out clearly from the start, but as long as the story isn't too meandering, I like to find out as the story (or tv series or movie) unfolds. My mom wants everything spelled out right away, but she's generally very impatient. My sister and I tend to be far more patient and enjoy slower plots, where the mystery or the excitement builds.