Has anyone read Diana Wynne Jones' Conrad's Fate? (Part of the Chrestomanci series).

In that book, if I'm not mistaken, some magic users would 'tweak the fatelines' (If I remember correctly). That led to certain things subtly changing, like a book series having new similar but different titles or the stock market going up when it was previously going down.

Well, I have noticed a few little changes lately, and of course I doubt if anyone's been tweaking the fatelines here, but -

Anyone who cooks - have you heard of brown lentils and green peas? Because in the stores, there are never any brown lentils or green peas anymore. There aren't even spaces on the shelves where these products used to be. So - am I dreaming or did these foods exist until quite recently?

Maybe I'm overreacting. There are still green lentils and yellow peas so I guess I'll manage anyway. It's just weird and since it reminded me of that book, I thought I'd ask. LOL.