Never Sorry - Edie Claire

I have read the first book in the Never... series (Never Buried, a free e-book download) and liked it so much I wanted to buy the second one in the series. Maybe I shouldn't have. Admittedly, it's been maybe a year or so since I read the first one, but I don't remember the heroine being quite so stupid. In this book, she's really ridiculously stupid.

First the good things though:

I like Leigh's friend Maura.
The book is quite well written (despite some flaws that I will mention later)

Unfortunately, there were at least three things I didn't like:

Leigh being so stupid
I guessed the 'big' surprise ending way ahead.
The use of animals as 'murder weapon' or close enough and the depiction of the animals in general.

I'll elaborate a bit on the last point.

Leigh has a cat. I seem to remember that she had some more pets in the first book, but I'm not sure now. And I know that in the finale, she did worry about her. In this book, it's just the one cat. And Leigh treats her as a stuffed toy animal. She wakes her cat up in the middle of the night, when she gets scared. When someone's broken into her apartment to leave incriminating evidence, Leigh doesn't even check to see if her cat is still around or worry about her at all.

The zoo animals (the book is set in a zoo), are mentioned in callous tones, like they're just things. Employees see them as nuisances. When a bottle-fed dromedary wants to cuddle (and leaves some drool on Leigh's shoulder), Leigh and a colleague treats that as just another nuisance and chases the poor baby away. "The bottle-fed ones are the worst", says the colleague. What?

I'll admit that I'm a big animal lover so this sort of thing really bothers me, but I should think that anyone who'd like a book to be well written would perhaps expect someone who works in a zoo to - I don't know - maybe like animals?

So, despite the fact that I liked book 1 in the series, this is it for me. I won't be buying any more books in this series. It annoys me a little. This book wasn't that bad - though guessing the 'big' surprise does tend to ruin it a bit. I guess I don't like and relate to the characters as much I'd like to. There are too many mystery series/crime series out there for me to waste time on books I don't love.